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25 Aug 2022

Van der Vlist Selected for ‘Windplan Groen’ Port and Transport

Van der Vlist has once again been chosen to provide the port and transport activities for the large scale regional Wind energy plan of the Province of Flevoland.



‘Windplan Groen’ is a project for 90 new wind turbines. Together, these 90 wind turbines are expected to be able to generate approximately 1.9 billion kWh per year. That is as much electricity as is used in the entire province of Flevoland each year. Van der Vlist is the nominated supplier to transport the first 45 wind turbines.



The project involves the movement of more than 250 tower sections and 100 80m wind blades that will be transported via the ports of Van der Vlist Moerdijk, Amsterdam and Flevokust Port to their final destination.



To complete this task, Van der Vlist has offered a one stop shop. Unloading, storage, shipping and road transport are all to be coordinated and carried out by Van der Vlist.




For this wind turbine project, Van der Vlist has project- and site managers who advise from the preliminary stages on logistics, feasibility studies and engineering, among other things. They then ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.



Source Van der Vlist Transport Group





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