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15 Mar 2021

Van der Vlist in Russia

The contract for storage and assembling of construction machines has led to a busy period at the Van der Vlist terminal in St. Petersburg. Many backhoe and skid steer loaders, bulldozers and excavators have arrived at their terminal over the past couple of months.

The technical representatives of the manufacturer visited the terminal to provide training for the technical staff in St. Petersburg, after which the construction machines have been assembled and released to the dealers.

Besides the construction machinery hundreds of trucks and vans have arrived at the terminal over the past months. Heavy snow and abnormally cold weather made it a true challenge for the operations team.

Van der Vlist Russia is also active in the agricultural market. Not only the storage in St. Petersburg but, for example, also the transport of harvesters from Germany and Poland to Russia.

For 2021 the expectations are positive for the construction machinery market, as well as for the truck and agricultural market.

Source Van der Vlist


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