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14 Aug 2018

Upper decks lifted in Flensburg

Upper deck lift for the “Maria Grazia Onorato” Photograph – Oebele van der Ploeg

Date 14 August 2018

The upper deck superstructure for the Italian ro-ro “Maria Grazia Onorato”, the largest and the greenest ro-ro ship in the Mediterranean was lifted on to the newly launched vessel last Sunday at the German shipyard of Flensburg.

The new vessel carries the script written large in Italian from stern to bow, “Honored for Italian seafarers”. 

The lift was carried out by the Hebo Lift 9 from HEBO Maritiemservice, with the upper deck superstructure weighing in at 630t and the funnel in a second lift at 75t.

Source Oebele van der Ploeg

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