Upload Cargo Proudly Handles “The Last 3” White Rhino Conservation Statue – Heavy Lift News
20 Mar 2018

Upload Cargo Proudly Handles “The Last 3” White Rhino Conservation Statue

20 March 2018


In the morning on Friday 16, March a new bronze statue was erected in downtown New York City. G7 Logistics Networks member Upload Cargo handled the movement of the very special statue of the last 3 Northern White Rhinoceros to its current display position in Astor Place.

The 17 foot (5.18 meter) tall interactive statue weighs 8 tons and has been erected to honor the animal as a species and more specifically Sudan, Najin, and Fatu; the last 3 living Northern White Rhinoceros. The animal has been poached to virtual extinction for their horns, and of the three that remain the male that has a low sperm count and the two females are infertile.

Unfortunately there is no chance for the recovery of the Northern White Rhinoceros because they have been hunted to these last 3 living animals. The reason the Northern White Rhinoceros has been poached to extinction is because their horns have become more valuable than gold or diamonds.

The greatest tragedy is that the “invaluable” horns have been found to be composed of the same material as a human fingernail. Sadly it’s an animal that has been hunted to extinction for the material that humans clip and toss in bins all over the world every day.

The statue is a joint project that has partnered the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Astor Place, Inde, Intrepid Travel, Village Alliance, Nat Geo Wild, and The Thomas Collective.

Upload Cargo is honored to have been involved in the project and would like to invite those who want to make a donation or learn more about these beautiful animals to visit www.goodbyerhinos.org.