Unique Slide and Swivel Device Helps Barnhart to SC&RA Rigging Award – Heavy Lift News
13 May 2022

Unique Slide and Swivel Device Helps Barnhart to SC&RA Rigging Award

A heat exchanger removal and replacement project using a unique slide and swivel device turned into an SC&RA 2022 Rigging Job of the Year $150,000 – $750,000 for Barnhart.  The award was presented at the SC&RA Annual Conference Closing Night Awards and Recognition Dinner in Washington D.C. on April 29th.

The winning project took place in a fertilizer plant in Iowa. The heat exchanger was set during plant construction and hadn’t been replaced since.  In the meantime, the building had been built up around it, creating obstructions to removal.



The vessel was 130,800 lbs. (59.32t) and 32’ (9.75m) long with roughly 3’ (91,4cm) of clearance on three sides. There was 2’6” (76.2cm) of clearance from the top of the vessel to the overhead piping. It sat on 6’ (1.83m) concrete piers.

Barnhart’s Mason City, Iowa crew utilized a Slide/Swivel Rigging Device (SSRD) consisting of a pair of slide tracks supported at each end by gantries with a sliding “trolley” with a swiveling rigging point. The SSRD is designed to remove vessels where coming straight out is not an option and has the potential to rotate 90 degrees and travel with the vessel.

The SSRD successfully removed the vessel to an adjacent alleyway. From there it was set it on SofTrac carriers to bring the old vessel out and the new one in.  The process with the SSRD was then reversed to replace the exchanger.

Source Barnhart