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21 Mar 2022

UK Debut for Saren’s New Electric SGC-90

Sarens was commissioned by our trusted client Valero to provide a factory-to-foundation solution for the replacement of two large columns as part of the turnaround at Valero’s refinery in Pembroke. The new columns had to be transported from the fabrication yard in northern Spain. The old columns had to be replaced and new columns had to be installed on the foundations at the Valero HL quay in Pembroke, UK under live plant conditions.

The scope included:

  • Collecting two new columns/vessels from Gijon, Spain using a geared ship.
  • Ship the vessels to Port of Pembroke and unload to the SPMTs.
  • Transfer to stools where they were dressed.
  • Pick-up from stools on SPMT and transfer to the barge for shipment from Port of Pembroke to the Valero HL quay. Load-in on SPMTs and transfer to laydown area.
  • Lift-out two old columns from the unit using SGC90 and specially manage lifting needle beam.
  • Lift-in two new columns.

Considering that the load-out and load-in had to be performed under live plant conditions and heavy wind, Sarens deployed its new electric giant crane – the SGC-90, an environmentally-friendly electric ring crane ideal for projects in the nuclear, logistics, construction, and offshore wind sectors.

The newest crane in the fleet was developed in response to market demand for heavy lift cranes with capacities greater than 80.000t/m. Its ring diameter is 35m, maximum counterweight is 2.700t, and maximum load moment is 99.000t. It can be configured in a variety of ways, with main boom lengths of 100m, 120m, and 130m and a small jib of 200t. The Sarens heavy duty and light jib can also be used to reach further or attain a higher hook height.

The two columns replaced were:

  • A Depropaniser weighing 456t and measuring 55m x 10.2m x 11.3m
  • An Acid Settler weighing 438t and measuring 38.2m x 12.8m x 13.5m

The other equipment used for the project included:

  • 48 x K24 Axle Lines + 4 no. PPU
  • Specialist forward wheel-house module carrier
  • 100t mobile crane
  • MEWPs & Telehandlers
  • Turntables
  • Linkspans
  • Transport & Support Beams
  • Mats & Stools

While delivering the new components via to the project quay, the crew had to deal with some of the largest tidal ranges in the world along with the added challenging on-site route comprising of a steep winding road from the refinery heavy lift Ro-Ro quay to the refinery site.

According to Sarens Project Planner, Andrew Davies, “By deploying state of the art equipment, innovative engineering, and superlative project management, Sarens was able to provide a seamless “one-stop-shop” solution for the delivery of the vessels to site even during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.”



Source Sarens

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