Uddevalla Specialtransporter's WingMax Transporting Blades in Piteå, Sweden - Video – Heavy Lift News
18 Jun 2021

Uddevalla Specialtransporter’s WingMax Transporting Blades in Piteå, Sweden – Video

A WingMAX flatbed is in action in Piteå, Sweden for Faymonville’s customer Uddevalla Specialtransporter.

The blade has a length of 69 meters and has to be transported through the winding roads through Swedish forests. Uddevalla Specialtransporter have two quadruple extendable 3-axle WingMAX flatbeds in use.

These trailers are ideal to move such XXL wind blade elements safely and economically. The proven 19.5” pendle-axle technology provides for a steering angle of up to 60° and an impressive stroke of 600 mm.

In combination with the compensating gooseneck, the WingMAX overcomes any obstacles that cross its path. As a result, all routes are manageable even in the case of demanding terrain conditions and road profiles.

The strong design using high-tensile steel  protects the fragile freight against the effects of external forces.



Source Faymonville

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