Two RTGs Successfully Relocated by Sarens in Perth, Western Australia - Video – Heavy Lift News
28 Jun 2024

Two RTGs Successfully Relocated by Sarens in Perth, Western Australia – Video

A team of Sarens experts in Oceania undertook a critical relocation project for two Rubber Type Gantries (RTGs) for the Armadale Line Upgrade Alliance (ALUA) at Railway Parade, Cannington, Perth, Australia.

The team from Sarens in Oceania undertook the critical project from 1st to 3rd June this year showcasing their expertise in technical solutions and engineering. The project involved moving the two RTGs to a new location 250m away.

This task was essential for the continuation of the Armadale Line Upgrade, a significant infrastructure project aimed at enhancing the public transport system in Perth.

To execute the relocation, Sarens utilized 40 axle lines of SPMTs equipped with two Power Pack Units (PPU) and four load spreading beams. This setup ensured that the RTGs could be moved as a single unit without disconnecting any hoses, allowing them to remain operational immediately after relocation. A Project Manager, an Engineer, two supervisors, and three Technical Solutions Operators completed the project seamlessly.

The project required meticulous planning due to the need to minimise disruption with the project’s short duration. The entire operation was planned to be completed within four days, including mobilisation, execution, and demobilization. The transport route was narrow, necessitating detailed engineering to determine the sweep path and ensure safe and efficient sideways tracking.

The client, ALUA, selected Sarens for their innovative approach and ability to provide a technical solution that minimised downtime. By relocating the RTGs without dismantling them, Sarens ensured that the gantries could immediately resume operations, thereby not affecting the overall project timeline.

The successful relocation of the RTGs highlights Sarens’ commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient solutions in complex projects. The project not only demonstrated Sarens’ technical prowess but also reinforced our reputation as a reliable partner in infrastructure projects.







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