Two More Tadano AC 5.220-1 Cranes Delivered to Hellmich Kranservice GmbH – Heavy Lift News
16 Dec 2022

Two More Tadano AC 5.220-1 Cranes Delivered to Hellmich Kranservice GmbH

Hellmich Kranservice GmbH Managing Director Michael Findeiß knows exactly what his two new Tadano AC 5.220-1 cranes can do: “These two cranes are numbers nine and ten of this model in our fleet, with number one having been added in 2007. And all I can say is that these machines have outdone themselves time and time again with extraordinary reliability and cost-effectiveness, so it really goes without saying that we’d be investing in their newest generation. After all, they feature incredible lifting capacities that would normally be found in the 250-tonne class instead,” he explains. In other words, he clearly categorizes the powerful crane as belonging in the next higher capacity class.

But that is not the only achievement of the AC 5.220-1 that gets him excited – among many technical enhancements, he mentions the fact that the crane’s potential applications have been significantly expanded thanks to the fact that the crane now features a variable outrigger spread and impressive lifting capacity advantages when using a partial counterweight only. Moreover, he sees the two-engine design behind the AC 5.220-1 as a huge advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness. Managing partner René Hellmich can only agree: “The two engines reduce diesel consumption significantly, and especially at our long-term work sites,” he underscores. The two then go on to add the excellent lifting capacities and asymmetrical outrigger detection as additional advantages. This, together with the high level of reliability and excellent Tadano service, made the AC 5.220-1 their first choice.

In order to ensure that the cranes would be optimally equipped for their needs, Hellmich ordered both of them with a second winch, a hydraulic swing-away jib, and four intermediate jib sections: “This ensures that we’ll have maximum flexibility to take on an extremely wide range of jobs,” René Hellmich explains. And this has proven to be the right choice, with the cranes hard at work since the end of 2021 and exceeding all expectations.


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From left to right: Michael Franzmann (Fleet technician, Hellmich) – Yuriy Ligay (Crane operator, Hellmich) – Alexander Kunz (Crane operator, Hellmich) – Michael Findeiß (Managing Director, Hellmich) – Manfred Drößer (Sales manager, Tadano).


Source Tadano

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