Two LEC Installation Operations Performed by Mammoet's PTC210-DS Crane for GustoMSC – Heavy Lift News
29 Mar 2024

Two LEC Installation Operations Performed by Mammoet’s PTC210-DS Crane for GustoMSC

Mammoet was contracted by GustoMSC to perform LEC (Leg Encircling Crane) replacement operations on two jack-up installation vessels. The Wind Orca and the Wind Osprey, owned by Copenhagen based Cadeler were built in 2012, equipped with cranes capable of lifting 1,200t at 31m, well inside the requirements in the then foreseeable future.

But the offshore wind industry would soon require even heavier lifts for the next generation of wind turbines and Cadeler asked GustoMSC to design, build and install new cranes with a lifting capacity of 1,600t at a radius of 40m.

To remove the old cranes and install the new cranes would require special facilities that are not easily found, but neighbours of GustoMSC in Schiedam were able to provide quay side and lifting facilities that would be able to carry out the operation with both vessels alongside at the same time.

The neighbour is the world’s leading heavy lift company Mammoet…

Mammoet selected one of their 5000t class ring cranes in its fleet and one of the largest cranes in the world… their PTC210-DS crane. It was installed on their quayside which has water on opposites sides able to accommodate the two vessels at the same time and be covered for lifts by the PTC210-DS when required.

Mammoet has released the following photographs covering the two operations.




Featured Title photograph   









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