Two Goldhofer MPA8 Semitrailers Delivered to Bok Seng Logistics PTE LTD in Singapore – Heavy Lift News
18 Jan 2022

Two Goldhofer MPA8 Semitrailers Delivered to Bok Seng Logistics PTE LTD in Singapore

Bok Seng Logistics has been in existence for more than 40 years and has continually developed from the start in the field of lifting and heavy haulage. Today Bok Seng Logistics, with its wide range of services, pursues the vision of being the logistics specialist on land and water.

From intermodal transportation and warehousing to the management of large-scale and complex logistics projects, Bok Seng Logistics offers a full range of services that is unparalleled in the Southeast Asian region.

For the first time in the company’s history, Bok Seng recently decided to invest in a transport solution from Goldhofer, and the two 8-axle MPA semitrailers have now been delivered. Bok Seng specifically chose the MPA version because of the advantages of the low-maintenance axle technology in combination with a high axle load and the extremely low loading height.

“We are convinced that the two 8-axle trailers with the MacPherson axle technology are a perfect fit for our logistics portfolio,” says a pleased Teo Vincent, Senior Director at Bok Seng Logistics.

They can carry high and wide loads with unit weights of up to 120t as well as long and heavy items such as concrete trusses, bridge elements, etc. – thanks to a 10.8m loading deck extension for a total length of 25.3m.

Bok Seng attached particular importance to the low loading height of 885mm, which they need to handle a large number of upcoming long-distance journeys with railroad wagons on routes with bridges and tunnels. With a winch mounted on the gooseneck for this purpose, the wagons can be quickly pulled onto the loading deck.


The MPA 8 provides an axle load of 15.6t per axle line. So each vehicle can easily handle operations with a total weight of more than 150t.


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