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12 Apr 2022

Two Faymonville 5 axel ModulMAX Vehicles Transport South Korean Nuri Space Rocket


Safely transported to the launch pad on two 5-axle self-propelled Faymonville ModulMAX vehicles


Many countries are running prestigious projects to increase their knowledge of the universe. Besides these scientific projects, there are also practical reasons to reach the upper atmosphere. New and more powerful communication satellites must be placed on higher orbits in space to improve communication systems.

In South Korea the long-awaited mission to launch a three-stage space rocket called Nuri is underway after months of preparations. This project was conceived using technologies which have been developed in South Korea.

The manufacturer of the 22-ton rocket is the Korean Aerospace Research Institute, KARI, based at the Naro Space Center in Goheung, South Jeolla Province.

The whole project is key for the Korean aerospace industry. KARI rely on Faymonville for two 5-axle self-propelled ModulMAX vehicles in an open combination with turntables for the transport of the rocket from the assembly building to the launch pad 2km away. The vehicle combination has an overall length of 47.5m and a total gross weight of 200t, including the supporting structure for the rocket.

The Nuri rocket is powered by a liquid propellant consisting of kerosene and liquid oxygen. The launch went well as the white column gradually disappears out of sight.

The Faymonville modules are one of the important pieces of the project, scoring with their safe and easy handling, even with such a delicate load on board.

“We are very proud,” exclaims Faymonville distributor, Bokook Corporation, supporting their customer on-site with their technical expertise.



Source Faymonville

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