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22 Jun 2020

Two Demag Cranes for Weiss Kranservice

Weiss Kranservice needs powerful and reliable telescopic cranes in order to assemble its 280 construction cranes. “This is why we decided on a Demag AC 220-5 and a Demag AC 300-6 for our most recent acquisition. These two new cranes will complement our Tadano ATF 220 perfectly,” says Dominik Magg, who works as a crane operator at Mindelheim-based Weiss Kranservice and who picked up the two cranes together with his fellow crane operators Danijel Solaja and Niculai Candrea-Ometita in Zweibrücken. The new machines were handed over by Demag Sales Manager Thomas Keckeis.

Since Weiss’ customers keep ordering increasingly bigger and taller construction cranes, the assembly cranes also need to keep pace.

Dominik Magg found the AC 300-6 particularly compelling in this context, as it provides an outstanding combination of range and power: “A lifting capacity of 15 tonnes with the 80-meter main boom fully extended – that’s quite something.” The people at Weiss also consider the fact that the ordered runner can be used by either crane to be a big plus in terms of cost-effectiveness. And since they also attach enormous importance to safety, both cranes are equipped both with a load hook camera and with the innovative IC-1 Plus control system.

AC 300-6 Crane Cab

AC 300-6 Driving Cab










Featured Title photograph: Thomas Keckeis (Sales Manager, Tadano Demag GmbH), Danijel Solaja (Crane operator, Weiss Kranservice), Dominik Maag (Crane operator, Weiss Kranservice) and Candrea Ometita Niculai (Crane operator, Weiss Kranservice).

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