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12 Aug 2021

TWD’s Tailored Engineering Solutions Lead to Smart Operations – Sponsored News

TWD like tailoring their solutions so that they perfectly fit the project’s needs. Their tailored approach proves to not only achieve smart designs but also accomplishes a faster project execution and increase operational efficiency.

The Boat Landing Installation Aid  for DEME’s work on Nordsee One OWF is an example of a secondary steel installation tool coming from their collaboration with DEME.

DEME installed 54 wind turbine foundations at the Nordsee One offshore wind farm in the German North Sea, using their jack-up vessel, Innovation. To help with the installation, TWD designed and provided fabrication supervision for various seafastening structures.



One of the most challenging features of this project was the installation of the lower boat landings. To ensure precise positioning of the boat landing through the splashzone without damaging the coating, TWD designed a boat landing installation aid (BIA).

The BIA enabled the crew to perform a complex lift and remotely install the lower boat landings. This led to a quick, safe, and efficient installation of Nordsee One (332 MW), which currently gives 400.000 households access to green energy.

Project highlights:

  • Precise positioning and installation of boat landing
  • Fast in operation
  • Preventing coating damage to structures
  • Re-use of existing secondary steel installation tool also designed by TWD

Source TWD


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