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12 Jun 2018

TWD delivers jacket lifting tool East Anglia ONE

Rotterdam, 11 June 2018

Temporary Works Design (TWD) successfully completed the turnkey delivery of a Jacket Lifting Tool to Van Oord. Last Friday, the first jacket foundation for the East Anglia One offshore wind farm was successfully installed. The heavy lift vessel Bokalift One transported two jacket foundations to the installation site. The lightweight lifting tool was able to lift the 60m high jackets with ease and speeded up the installation sequence. The tool was officially handed over early February, fully load tested and certified. 

TWD has a large track record in the offshore wind sector as well as in the design of offshore lifting tools. This knowledge has been incorporated in the design to realize this lightweight Jacket Lifting Tool with a lifting capacity of over 1.000 tonne while weighing just over 25 tonne itself. 

Since this lifting tool will also be used for future installation projects, it is adaptable for different flange diameters. Furthermore, the tool ensures a safe and easy instal­lation, without the need of crew accessing the top of the jacket by being fully remote controlled.

The simple and robust design can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements, like lifting capacity, tugger arrangements and survey equipment.

Jacket Lifting Tool in the Fabrication hall

Fully remote controlled by a tablet


We are specialized in creating custom-designed tools and structures that allow you to perform projects safely and on time. You can regard TWD as your problem solver. The reliable partner that creates functional and creative solutions, no matter the time frame, or the complexity of the challenge. Our goal is to reinforce your project team’s capabilities and complement them where required, so together we can achieve a successful project execution.

Our thorough knowledge of structural and mechanical engineering, hydro-dynamics, finite element methods and design for offshore conditions, enables us to develop practical solutions to meet the wide variety of your demands. 

With the substantial knowledge of optimal installation methods and the proven engineering approach in the offshore wind industry, TWD can now also assist in delivering turnkey tools and products, such as lifting tools. 


Please contact our Business Development department for more information about our lifting tools or other turnkey products.

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