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13 Feb 2020

Turkey’s 1st EfW in Build with 4 Heavy Luffing Tower Cranes from Sarens

Sarens is a global leader in heavy lifting equipment rental, so when HZI-Makyol needed four heavy luffing tower cranes to help build their energy-from-waste (EfW) power plant in Istanbul, Sarens was pleased to provide them with world-class equipment.

Sarens provided the following tower cranes for the project:

  • HLTC 1900: 50m tower, 60m jib
  • HLTC 1900: 50m tower, 60m jib
  • HLTC 2400: 45m tower, 60m jib
  • Wolff WK60140B, 40m tower, 60m jib

The cranes will remain on site for 6-8 months of the project. There, they will lift components of the EfW power plant, which is being built atop a notoriously windy hill. Fortunately, Sarens’ luffing tower cranes are uniquely suited to the job: with higher wind limitations than telescopic or crawler cranes, they can operate at wind speeds of up to 17 m/s!

The tower cranes come with several other important advantages, including:

  • The ability to be installed in the middle of a building or work site.
  • Minimal space required for assembly.
  • Minimal occupation of work site during operations.
  • Better cost efficiency versus telescopic or crawler cranes.
  • No hassle with SL ballast.

All four cranes were transported from Sarens Poland, and each required about 20 trucks which drove 14 days to reach the project site near Istanbul. While it usually takes about 10 days to assemble a single tower crane in favourable conditions, high winds meant longer assembly times for each crane.

“This project is a statement of how Sarens’ heavy lift tower cranes can help our clients worldwide with heavy construction,” says project manager Jonathan Verheye. “Our HLTC cranes are a cost-efficient and highly reliable solution for the heavy lift construction industry.”

Source Sarens

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