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4 Jul 2019

Triple Transformer Transport by ALE

ALE has completed a sequence of three transformer moves using its 24-axle girder frame trailer over the course of three consecutive weekends. This work is helping our clients to provide reliable energy for the people of North Wales and Sheffield, respectively.

These operations saw ALE carrying a combined 691t over 120 miles across public roads in the UK. The moves took place between Stafford and Connah’s Quay, Ferrybridge and Goole, and from there to the Owlerton suburb of Sheffield.

The first move saw a 271t transformer delivered from its production site in Stafford to Connah’s Quay power station. This move was completed on time and to schedule.

For the Ferrybridge to Goole move, temporary aluminium trackway was required to support the axle loads directly as they left the power station site. Transport was then arranged in contraflow along the A162, as the conventional carriageway did not allow access for vehicles of this size. A route was plotted through Goole port back onto the public highway, so that passage across the local swing bridge was avoided.

At the conclusion of the final Goole to Owlerton move, SPMTs were used to access the substation entrance, for manoeuvrability and space reasons. The transformer was then unloaded for installation.

All three moves were scheduled to take place at the weekend, minimising disruption to local communities. They were planned with local police forces well in advance, such that street furniture that would otherwise have impeded the move was removed temporarily to allow the transformers to pass.

Two of the transformers have now been installed and will soon be bringing power to thousands of homes across the UK. The third is en route to South Korea for maintenance and will return to the UK for active service later this year.

Source ALE

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