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27 Jun 2018

Tree takes out crane

27 June, 2018

A truck crane overturned in North Smithfield, near Providence, Rhode Island on Monday, while lifting trees from the back yard of a home. 

One of the crane’s rear outriggers appears to have given way, causing the overturn. St the crane tipped over, one of the front outriggers smashed though the side of the home, entering a room that was occupied at the time. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident. 

The crane tipped over the rear while lifting trees

The crane damaged the house, with the outrigger protruding into a room that was occupied at the time.

The crane, a new Altec, was owned and operated by Mikes Professional Tree Company, and had only been delivered a month ago. The company blamed the incident on an equipment fault stating that a “piston on one of the rear outriggers had failed causing it to collapse in on itself, resulting tin the crane overturning” although the crane was quickly recovered – with the help of another crane and winch to pull the front end back down – the boom and outriggers were fully stowed without incident before it drove away under its own power to be repaired. 

OSHA is investigating the incident. 

The crane drove away from the site, with the damage seeming to be light

SOURCE: Vertikal

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