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28 Mar 2018

Tree takes crane

No one was hurt in the incident

27. March 2018 

A truck crane overturned yesterday in Hanover, Massachusetts while helping remove a tree from the back yard of a house in the town. 

From what we have been told, the crane, which looks like a 40 ton unit, rented from Baxters Crane, was trying to lift a tree section when it went over instead.

From the photo it looks as though the ground may have played a part in the overturn? We understand that no one was hurt in the incident and that damage was extremely light. 

The scenario is all too familiar, with dozens of cranes a year overturning while lifting tree sections from back yards.

Either due to underestimating the weight, or too large a section being cut free from the tree which then pulls the crane over. SOURCE:

Tree takes crane

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