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10 Feb 2023

Transports Olivry Select Faymonville for a Versatile and Flexible Vehicle

French customer Transports Olivry was looking for a versatile and flexible vehicle for its various transport activities.

This project was born thanks to the long-term trust that Nicolas Olivry has in Faymonville and the dealer ALS Remorques. This project has been designed for construction machinery, industrial parts or railed vehicles by listening to his needs and requests.



This semi-trailer is at the cutting edge of technology and reflects all the know-how of the Faymonville group. The vehicle has six axles “Twin Axle II” with independent wheel suspensions, which provide a minimum loading height of 900 mm. Thanks to the double loading ramps at the rear, construction equipment can be easily loaded onto the platform.

For the transport of long industrial parts, the loading platform with a basic length of 12,000 mm can be extended by a further 17,500 mm to a loading length of 29,500 mm. There is also no problem for transporting rail vehicles, as the loading surface is equipped with fixing points for screw-on rail elements for 1,000 mm and 1,450 mm track.



For loading wagons, trams or locomotives, a special “accordion” ramp can be fitted at the rear instead of the double ramps using a quick-change system. The special feature of this ramp is that it can be folded out to a length of +/- 18,750 mm, providing an extremely flat loading angle.

So, whatever type of loading Transport Olivry wants to achieve with their new semi-trailer, almost anything is possible.

Source Faymonville


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