Transports Bougeant Select a TII SCHEUERLE 2+5 Low Loader – Heavy Lift News
12 Sep 2023

Transports Bougeant Select a TII SCHEUERLE 2+5 Low Loader

The big news coming from the family run heavy machinery transport specialists, S.T.P.B: Société Transports Pascal Bougeant, is all about their impressive new addition to their fleet.

In a strategic move to expand their capabilities, S.T.P.B has opted for the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact. Their new low-loader trailer features a 2+5 combination with a telescopic deck, enabling S.T.P.B to transport an astonishing payload of 80.3 tons. Due to the scalability of the bridge in both length and width, S.T.P.B is experiencing a significant increase in flexibility.

Based in Pacy-sur-Eure, 70km east of Paris and frequently found working with clients including Vinci, Colas and Eiffage Route, this latest acquisition is a testimony to their relentless efforts to meet the constantly changing demands of the industry and to always offer their customers nothing but the best.


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