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6 Oct 2023

Transport of Two Massive Slag Carriers Over Length of Germany with Alexander Global Logistics

Alexander Global Logistics were tasked with transporting two massive slag carriers from southern Germany to the port of Hamburg in northern Germany.

Each of the carriers measured:

  • 14.13m in length,
  • 5.50m in width,
  • 4.50m in height.
  • weighing an impressive 97t each.

Alexander Global Logistics’ initial steps involved meticulous technical preplanning, where they determined the most optimal vehicle configuration to ensure a safe and efficient transport operation. They then undertook the complex process of applying for and securing the necessary transport permits.

Precise scheduling is vital in their operations, given the need for skilful loading and unloading. They worked closely with their clients to coordinate a schedule that aligned seamlessly with their requirements. At the client’s facility, they employed the expertise of two powerful mobile cranes to handle the careful and secure loading of these substantial carriers.

Once loaded, they embarked on the road transport phase to deliver the cargo to the nearest inland port. Here, the carriers were expertly transferred onto an inland vessel, a process facilitated by a specialized crawler crane.

Navigating the intricate inland waterways, they transported the carriers to the bustling Seaport of Hamburg. Upon arrival at the Port of Hamburg, their team efficiently unloaded the carriers and ensured their secure interim storage.

Some highlights from this project:

  • It took about 8 weeks to obtain the necessary transport permit.
  • Precise scheduling was imperative, as the loading and unloading phases involved the skilled orchestration of mobile and crawler cranes, ensuring the safe handling of these massive carriers.
  • Alexander Global Logistics’ commitment to punctual delivery means that the cargo arrived at the Port of Hamburg precisely as scheduled.
  • Furthermore, their operations remain resilient in the face of environmental challenges, such as low water levels in Germany, providing reliable service year-round.




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