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16 Jan 2020

Transformer Transport by Velebit on Faymonville CombiMAX

Velebit Promet d.o.o. covered a total of 7,000 km across Europe recently during a transformer transport project.  A mammoth task that was planned for two months, fine tuning the route to the smallest detail by their transport professionals.

Finally the trip plan was approved and all permits were obtained. From Velebit’s base in Croatia, the team started set off for the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, where the transformer was waiting. The transformer weighed a remarkable 103.5t with a length of 7.29m, width 2.62m and height 4.13m.

Velebit had selected a Faymonville CombiMAX trailer for this project, putting together  a 5+7-axle low bed combination. With the truck, the overall length was 36m with a gross weight of 170t. Velebit’s Sales Director, Ivica Bergova said, “The CombiMAX is the ideal solution for such tricky tasks. The modular concept is impressive because it offers the optimal ratio between tare weight and payload.”

From Slovenia, the combination drove in the direction of Rotterdam, where space had been booked on a ferry for the trip to Scandinavia. The driver and his escort team had to do some precision work when driving the combination onto the vessel. “These were the most critical
moments”, said Ivica Bergovac, after everything had gone according to plan. The pendle axles with their 600 mm high stroke were also decisive for making the safe transition from the quayside to the ferry.

The Velebit professionals completed the disembarkation competently at the Swedish port of Sundsvall. From here on, the convoy was allowed to cover the final 200 km in the daytime, attracting much attention from onlookers as it continued on the journey. The project team coped with every little bottleneck right up to the unloading site, a substation located in the Swedish forests near Länsterhöjden.



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