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2 Jan 2023

Transformer Replacement by M.J. van Riel

M.J. van Riel proved that they can react quickly on 2 December, when they were asked if they could remove a defective transformer and replace it with a new one. The order was confirmed on 3 December, and on 6 December they started dismantling the transformer in Lelystad and prepared the new one for transport from Nijmegen.



The defective transformer, weighing 345t, was moved out in Lelystad using SPMTs and the new 377t transformer was placed on a pontoon again deploying SPMTs in Nijmegen.



The new transformer was off-loaded from the pontoon on 15 December and in the evening of the next day they placed the new transformer on its new foundation.

Despite the wind with cold weather conditions, the team from M.J. van Riel  are very pleased that they were able to carry out this work quickly and safely with reliable partners.


Source M.J. van Riel

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