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11 Jun 2020

Tradelossa Transport Three >100t Loads in Mexico

Tradelossa recently finished the transportation of three major press components weighing over 100 tons each, along with their accessories in Mexico. These moves promote their commitment to transport from Mexican industry, in spite of the pandemic and economic issues around the world.

Fifty-seven trips were made with the heaviest pieces making their main challenge. Their dimensions were:

  1. Length 9.92m, Width 4.98m, Height 3.80m, Weight 152.9t.
  2. Length 7.69m, Width 3.88m, Height 3.43m, Weight 102.1t .
  3. Length 9.16m, Width 4.76m, Height 3.40m, Weight 143.6t.

The journey began at the port of Guaymas, with the destination at their client’s facilities in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora.

Tradelossa used 8 and 12 axle trailers for the transport of these heavy pieces.

Due to their clients’ tight schedules and the strict contingency regulations due to Covid-19, the team took all the preliminary actions necessary to address any potential obstacles that could have arisen throughout the entire project. Fortunately, all components arrived on time.

Tradelossa is determined to provide creative and effective solutions to their customers, ensuring a successful outcome for their projects.



Source The Heavy Lift Group / Tradelossa

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