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28 Mar 2018

TOWSC and OutSmart Join Hands in Taiwanese Offshore Wind

Source: OutSmart

28 March 2018

Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm Services Corporation (TOWSC) and OutSmart have joined forces to establish a fully integrated wind farm management system for the development of offshore wind in Taiwan.

The two companies have established a strategic asset management plan (SAMP) for the Taiwanese market and started the training exchange program at OutSmart’s Operations Control Center in Emden, Germany.

In addition, TOWSC and OutSmart plan to jointly facilitate advisory services for project developers in Taiwan, OutSmart said.

The companies believe the partnership will enable project developers to cover the operations phase of wind farms with minimum Levelised Cost of Energy in their tender bid for new concessions in the Taiwanese offshore wind market.

According to OutSmart, its experience as an independent service provider in the European wind industry and TOWSC’s development expertise and local content will enable them to provide all aspects of wind power plant management in one efficient solution and give wind farm owners control of their assets.

“We believe that our lessons learnt in the European offshore market will be most valuable within an upcoming offshore wind market like Taiwan. By combining our technical, financial, and commercial experience together with the expertise and local content of TOWSC, our cooperation provides a suitable power plant management solution for project developers, investors and other stakeholders,”said Dennis Schiricke, CEO at OutSmart.

In alignment with the Taiwanese government’s overarching policies to localize offshore wind technologies and supply chain, TOWSC was established to provide offshore wind power plant management skills and assets to the industry.

The company is currently providing O&M planning and development services to wind farm projects in Taiwan, including asset management services for the very first Taiwan offshore met mast, Fuhai Met Mast. SOURCE: OW