Total's Tyra Topsides Ready for Recyling – Heavy Lift News
17 Aug 2020

Total’s Tyra Topsides Ready for Recyling

Total has reached an important milestone in the great Tyra reconstruction with the dismantling of the sinking Tyra platforms, which is equivalent to the weight of seven Eiffel Towers. The dismantling of the platforms was completed when the old Tyra Vest residential and process platform arrived in Frederikshavn and was brought ashore, where recycling takes place. The decommissioning will create space for the new high-tech Tyra, which will reopen in 2022 as a significant hub for Danish natural gas.

The topsides were lifted off the foundations by the Pioneering Spirit and loaded on to Allseas’ barge Iron Lady for transport to Frederikshavn, Denmark, for recycling. The Pioneering Spirit is currently due to berth in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, today with the remaining units for recycling.




Source Total in Denmark



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