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15 Mar 2022

Tiny Houses Transported by Van der Vlist

The fact that Van der Vlist is capable of transporting special loads becomes clear again when transporting Tiny houses.



A tiny house full of possibilities, with the smallest possible ecological footprint. In addition to self-propelled machines or general static loads, their trailers are also extremely suitable for transporting these special Tiny Houses.



The living units differ enormously in terms of dimensions per piece. However, thanks to their network and long-term permits, they can switch relatively quickly, so that they can transport the units over longer distances within a short time. Recently van der Vlist transported several houses from East Europe to the Benelux area. They are able to cover the whole of Europe with deliveries of these tiny houses.



Their work does not stop with the transport of the Tiny Houses. Van der Vlist has its own crane trucks, so in the Netherlands we can also facilitate the lifting of the homes for the customer. They can also adapt their services with mobile cranes via their network.



Van der Vlist can provide a full service to the customer supervised by their own specialists and with one single contact person for the client.



Source Van der Vlist

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