Tilburg's Den Ophef Bridge Replaced by M.J. van Riel – Heavy Lift News
19 Jun 2023

Tilburg’s Den Ophef Bridge Replaced by M.J. van Riel

In January 2023, a team from M.J. van Riel dismantled the Den Ophef bridge for maintenance. Connecting the two sides of the Havenkade at Piushaven in Tilburg, the bridge needed maintenance despite being only 11 years old. The local Tilburg based heavy lifting and transport company was also asked to take care of the lifting and transport of the parts.

Last week after the maintenance program had been completed, they were again tasked with transport and lifts of the overhauled pieces.



Using a 5-axle semi low loader to transport the counterweight beams, each weighing 26t, the M.J. van Riel team transported the bridge parts back to the bridge site.



With their Demag AC-500-2, assisted by their Liebherr LTM 1050, the two rods connecting the bridge deck to the beams were simultaneously installed, enabling a crane to raise the deck for  two vessels to pass under the bridge along the waterway.

The counterweight was then transported to the cranes on 12 axel lines of their Scheuerle SPMT modular trailer with powerpack.



Finally, in a tandem lift carried out by the AC500 and their Liebherr LTM1450, the 160t counterweight was connected to the balance beams in a tandem lift.

All in all, another wonderful piece of craftsmanship by the team from M.J. van Riel.

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