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6 Feb 2023

Three Grove GRT655L Delivered to Massucco T. in Italy

Efficiency improvements enabled by the state-of-the-art yet intuitive technologies on the Grove GRT655L were key factors in Massucco T., ordering three GRT655L rough-terrain cranes.

The cranes were presented to the Italian rental giant at a handover event at Manitowoc’s Niella Tanaro factory, just 30 minutes from Massucco T.’s headquarters in Cuneo, Piedmont.



“There were many reasons behind our choice to invest in Grove again,” said Roberto Borgogno, sales manager at Massucco T. “Our previous experience with the brand, and our awareness of the reliability and excellent technical support were relevant. But perhaps the main attraction was the advanced technologies on the crane. These are not gadgets, but digital tools that impact crane management and maintenance. For example, the diagnostics feature is an extremely important way to keep on top of operating and maintenance costs. It allows us to precisely schedule service based on working hours.”

Representing a major leap forward in quality and Total Cost of Ownership, the onboard diagnostics enable the actual hours of many machine functions (winch, boom, slewing, engine, hydraulics etc.) to be recorded, ensuring maintenance is performed exactly when needed. The frequency of maintenance is also significantly reduced thanks to a design focused on increased component service life.

Another factor that makes the GRT655L a perfect rental crane is its compactness and portability. “The GRT655L is just 3 m wide and has a removable counterweight, so it’s easy to transport on a trailer,” added Borgogno.

Massucco T. operates a fleet of over 1,800 vehicles, covering the lifting and earthmoving markets. It was founded over 60 years ago and has 13 branches across Italy, France, and Tunisia. It is one of the largest rental companies in Italy.

Source Manitowoc Grove

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