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7 Sep 2021

Three Grove GMK4100L-1 All Terrain Cranes Added to Kanson Fleet in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based heavy equipment rental company Kanson Crane & Heavy Transport (Kanson) has added three new Grove GMK4100L-1 all-terrain cranes to its fleet. The company placed the order for the units off the back of previous experience with its GMK4100L units, the forerunner to the GMK4100L-1.

Two of the cranes arrived in May with the third delivered in July. All will be used for a variety of duties in Hong Kong’s bustling urban landscape including assembling tower cranes and general construction work.

Nelson Kan, managing director of Kanson, said he knew how well the GMK4100L-1 models would perform before they even arrived.

“We looked at the data for the GMK4100L-1 and were impressed with its capacity and the improvements in the load charts, as well as its compact design,” he explains. “But to be honest, we didn’t really study the crane in huge detail before making the order. We’ve had such good experience with our Grove cranes, and especially the GMK4100L cranes, that we knew they would be a good fit for our rental fleet.”

Kanson has been a Grove customer for over 10 years and received its first GMK4100L units in 2019. The units have been busy ever since. These will remain in the Kanson fleet with the new GMK4100L-1 additions coming on board to help manage growing workloads at the company.

The four-axle Grove GMK4100L-1 features the best load charts in its category and a compact design that allows it to access and maneuver around even the tightest jobsites. The versatile crane also allows users to switch between different counterweight options for more flexible roading configurations.

Compared with the GMK4100L, the GMK4100L-1 delivers 6.9% better lifting performance when working with its 26.2 t maximum counterweight, or a 9.3% improvement while in taxi configuration. The crane is also easier to maneuver than its predecessor, with a compact 2.55 m width and a 0.5 m shorter overall length. The crane is powered by a single Tier 4 final engine and includes Manitowoc’s Crane Control System.

Leonard Siow, regional sales manager for mobile and crawler cranes at Manitowoc, said Kanson’s strong trust in both the product and support on offer with Grove cranes played a strong role in this latest order.

“Kanson has been a Grove customer for many years, and we are proud to have earned their ongoing trust with this latest delivery,” he said. “We’re looking forward to seeing these new machines at work on the streets of Hong Kong and will continue to provide the very best service and support to ensure Kanson gets the maximum value from these additions. The GMK4100L-1 is a great crane for Hong Kong’s congested and busy downtown areas, so we’re sure Kanson will enjoy success with them, as it has with its other Grove models.”

Founded in 1994, Kanson Crane & Heavy Transport is one of the largest crane rental companies in Hong Kong and employs around 130 people. Kanson prides itself on offering reliable service, extensive technical support and technologically advanced construction equipment. Aside from its GMK4100L-1 and GMK4100L cranes, Kanson also owns GMK6400 and GMK6300L models.

Source Grove / Manitowoc

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