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6 May 2022

Third Generation Takes Over at Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff

The family business Nederhoff was founded in 1949 by C. Nederhoff. In 1987 the second generation took over the company from their father. The four brothers (Pieter, Kees, Jan and Ron) have expanded the company into what it is today: a renowned company with three branches (Gouda, Vianen and Rotterdam), a hundred colleagues and almost as many cranes, tractor units, and other heavy material.



The current management has now reached retirement age, or will reach it within a few years. For this reason, various scenarios have been investigated in recent years for continuing the crane operation.

Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff is therefore pleased to announce that the Nederhoff family business has been handed over to the third generation. On May 2, 2022, Taco (son of Pieter) and Sjoerd (son of Ron) took over Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff from their uncles and fathers.

In the coming years, the second and third generations will work together to ensure a successful business transfer. Pieter has already retired, Kees, Jan and Ron will reduce their activities in the coming years.

Taco and Sjoerd have been working for the family business for several years. Taco has been working at Nederhoff for more than 12 years, the last 5 of which as technical director. Before that he worked at Spierings Mobile Cranes, among others. Sjoerd has been with the company for 3.5 years and previously worked in the financial sector.


As before the next generation takes over…


Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff is a leading logistics service provider specialized in vertical transport, machine removals and exceptional transport. Cranes with a lifting capacity of 4 to 700 tons are rented out from the offices in Gouda, Vianen and Rotterdam, and transports with weights of up to 500 tons are carried out. Carrying out complete lifting, moving and transport projects is also part of the activities of the 73-year-old family business.


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The third generation take over as Sjoerd Nederhoff (Left) and Taco Nederhoff sign



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