The Toughest in the Roughest LRT 1130-2.1 Launched at bauma 2922 by Liebherr – Heavy Lift News
25 Oct 2022

The Toughest in the Roughest LRT 1130-2.1 Launched at bauma 2922 by Liebherr

Liebherr are showcasing the most powerful rough-terrain crane on two axles on the market this year at bauma 2022. The LRT 1130-2.1 has a maximum lifting capacity of 130t and extends Liebherr’s range of rough-terrain cranes at the top end of this segment. Apart from its high performance, the designers particularly focussed on economical transport and safe crane operation when they developed this new model.

Liebherr have unveiled the 130t rough-terrain crane at bauma 2022 under the slogan “The toughest in the roughest”. The new LRT 1130-2.1 offers very high lifting capacities and the longest telescopic boom of any 2-axle rough-terrain crane anywhere in the world. It also has the most economical transport dimensions in its performance class.

The concept of the LRT 1130-2.1 is maximum performance with economical mobility, worldwide. The new Liebherr rough-terrain crane is currently the only 130t crane on a 2-axle chassis. At the same time, its telescopic boom is the longest in its class at 60m. It consists of the pivot section and six telescopic sections and is extended and bolted fully automatically with the Liebherr TELEMATIK high-speed telescopic system.

A 10.8m single folding jib or a 10.8m – 19m double folding jib is available for the LRT 1130-2.1. It is mounted at angles of 0°, 20° or 40°, or can optionally be hydraulically tilted from 0° to 40°. With an additional seven-metre lattice section as a telescopic extension, the new crane reaches hook heights of up to 85m. The folding jib is carried on the right-hand side of the boom. At the same time, a 2.9m assembly jib can be attached to the left-hand side of the boom. A side-folding rooster sheave, which can be operated in 2-line mode, rounds off the boom options.

Source Liebherr

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