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17 Mar 2023

The TII Scheuerle SPMT Celebrating 40th Birthday

In 1983, Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik – now known as TII SCHEUERLE – developed and launched a market-leading technology that has shaped the heavy-transport industry to this day: the Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT).

Due to the diverse combination possibilities of the individual modules, transport undertakings with theoretically unlimited payloads have been possible ever since. This has revolutionised the possibilities of the industry and significantly increased the efficiency of small to large transport undertakings worldwide. Even the name ‘SPMT’, which is generally used today, originally came from TII SCHEUERLE.


Whether coupled together or in an open network – there are no limits to the possible combinations of SCHEUERLE SPMTs. Thus, the payload is theoretically unlimited.


Several 10,000 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines are now in use worldwide, and the SCHEUERLE SPMT has become the global standard. This year, the revolutionary manoeuvring and transport solution is celebrating its 40th birthday.

Constant innovation has been part of TII SCHEUERLE’s DNA right from the outset. ‘Our customers’ needs for func-tionality, cost-effectiveness, safety and efficiency are our incentive, because TII SCHEUERLE wants to enable all cus-tomers to achieve top performance, regardless of the size of their company,’ explains Dr Gerald Karch, CEO of the TII Group. This is what happened in 1983, when the idea of the modular platform transporter with a container width of 2,430 mm was born from the needs of long-time customer Mammoet.


The introduction of SCHEUERLE SPMT technology revolutionised production. Since then, it has been possible to transport even gigantic components up to complete industrial and conveyor systems. Pictured: a 14,300t oil and gas platform.


This dimension ensures that the transport solution can be moved with the help of a standard container (flat rack) in the shortest possible time and as economically as possible, even to the most remote locations worldwide, and that the modules can be transported on land on motorways.

Today, TII customers use the various SCHEUERLE SPMT series – which also include SCHEUERLE SPMT InterCombi SPE, SCHEUERLE SPMT K24 and SCHEUERLE K25 SPE – to move a variety of goods such as valuable luxury yachts, industrial plants weighing thousands of tonnes, components of gigantic mining vehicles and offshore wind turbines, as well as complete hotels and historical cultural assets.


With the introduction of the SCHEUERLE SPMT in 2,430 mm width, transport undertakings could now take place even in the most remote places in the world. The container width enables fast, efficient and more cost-effective transport of the SCHEUERLE SPMT modules in flat-rack containers.


Today, SPMTs from TII SCHEUERLE represent the largest number of SPMT axle lines on the market worldwide. The consistency of the basic technical principle is another key success factor of the SCHEUERLE SPMT. This is because the axle lines of the different generations are compatible with each other, so new axle lines can be easily combined with existing modules. This enables customers worldwide to rent SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines or use cooperation partners with compatible modules to carry out demanding heavy-transport operations.

SPMTs from TII SCHEUERLE also hold the current world record for the heaviest transport. Most recently, TII SCHEUERLE customer Mammoet transported a load of 20,300t using SPMTs from SCHEUERLE.


The modularity and combinability of SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines allow the number of axle lines to be flexibly adapted to the respective payload requirement. This enables customers to successfully undertake spectacular projects. Shown in the photograph: a 7,500t hotel in China was moved 500m on SCHEUERLE SPMT due to environmental protection requirements.


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Roll-out of the 127-metre luxury yacht on a SCHEUERLE SPMT. SCHEUERLE SPMTs are also widely in use in shipyards. Shown in the photograph: Koro, the latest luxury yacht from Jeff Bezos.


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