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18 Mar 2018

The Ringwood roof walker


No safety measures and yet he is right next door to an access specialist!

16. March 2018

Spotted this week on the Hightown Industrial Estate in Ringwood, Dorset in the UK, a man working on the roof of an industrial building with no attempt at fall protection. 

One of the highest causes of fatalities arising from falls from height is falling through fragile roof lights or panels on building such as this, not to mention the risk of a fall while transferring from a ladder to the roof.

This case is even more surprising in that the building is located right next door to an access rental company!  

In the words of our correspondent: “This contractor was spotted yesterday right next door to an access rental yard in Ringwood, Dorset. The company could so easily have organised access equipment suitable to easily to do his roof inspection/measurements, the pictures say it all really.”

In addition to falling off or through the roof, the ladder transfer provides further risk

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend. sources CE:

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