The Rave Group Selects Cometto's ETL 5/4E to Handle Their Long Loads on Site – Heavy Lift News
24 Sep 2020

The Rave Group Selects Cometto’s ETL 5/4E to Handle Their Long Loads on Site

Specialising in the management of transport and logistics services, the French Rave group, located in Torcy, 115km North of Lyon, always strives to innovate in order to ensure it can anticipate customer needs and offer optimally customised services. When it comes to its industrial vehicle leasing business, Rave trusts vehicle manufacturer Cometto. It has acquired a self-propelled 5-axle transporter, which is ideal for industrial applications.

The ETL 5/4E is a low-profile cabin steelworks vehicle that can move under the pallet and carry loads on site. It has a total payload capacity of 140 tonnes. The flat loading platform is 14.1 metres long by 2.99 metres wide. The electronically steered ETL is used to handle long loads such as bars and pipes.

The geometric configuration of the hydraulic suspension is designed in such a way that the loading platform can be raised and lowered. This means maximum safety when handling pallets of any type or size. Each suspension is equipped with pendle axles with a capacity of 34.3 tonnes and a maximum steering angle of 135° for this electronic version.

Fitted with the Cometto all-wheel steering system, these transport vehicles offer limitless manoeuvrability. This means that, regardless of the number of axles, each individual wheel set moves in a synchronised way to optimise steering in each steering mode.

Operator safety is optimal in the ETL self-propelled vehicle. The cabin is equipped with the latest technology as well as a screen displaying the real-time feed from the reversing camera. This important project for the Rave group was initiated by SNM Heavy Handling, Cometto’s distributor in France. Supported by various dealerships and teams of travelling technicians, SNM Heavy Handling distributes heavy, port and industrial handling equipment, offering a full service which includes leasing, sales, maintenance and spare parts sales.

Source Cometto

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