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20 May 2021

The NewWindShape from Friede & Goldman and Tetrahedron

Friede & Goldman (F&G), a world leader in jack-up vessel technology with over 70 years of experience, has announced a collaboration with Tetrahedron, an award-winning crane designer. Through much research and development, this joint venture introduces: NewWindShape, a dedicated feeder solution for the offshore wind industry.

The development provides industry-leading feeder barge systems, offering a cost-effective alternative to massive transport and installation vessels. Utilizing a relatively small F&G-designed jack-up, a Tetrahedron leg encircling crane, and standard ocean barges, the NewWindShape solution makes optimal use of the existing United States logistic infrastructure, and with that, reduces required CapEx and spread costs by over 50%.

NewWindShape serves close moored, stand-off moored, and dynamically positioned feeder barges. The award winning Tetrahedron Model 65 crane achieves lifting heights of 200 meters above the still water level with 20MW turbine installation capability.  The tetrahedron shape allows the award-winning crane to take increased side loads often seen with afloat load transfers. Tetrahedron has also developed the Smart Hoist system, offering unparalleled lifting speeds.  In addition, the unique ‘rigging-on-deck’ principle eliminates the need of a heavy tool to clamp on the top-flange of a tower segment.  That is important, because it eliminates the mating process of the heavy flange clamp onto the top of a swinging tower.  With Tetrahedron’s side load stability, Smart Hoist, and ‘rigging-on-deck’ principles, the NewWindShape can complete turbine component transfers without expensive active motion compensating systems.

F&G has already implemented its superior leg and jacking system wear technology in the offshore wind industry, along with its vast jack-up knowledge from over 120 oil-field jack-up rigs completed to date.  Technology includes robust leg design, leg wear extended life cycle, easily accessible jacking pinions for in-service maintenance, fully automatic lubrication systems, wear compensating guide systems, afloat spud can inspection & maintenance, etc. – all reducing downtime and increasing productivity.



Source Tetrahedron and Friede & Goldman

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