The Huisman Skyhook - the Largest Slewing Jib Quayside Crane in the World - Video – Heavy Lift News
6 Nov 2023

The Huisman Skyhook – the Largest Slewing Jib Quayside Crane in the World – Video

The Huisman Skyhook is the first and largest Slewing Jib Quayside Crane in the world, designed for load-out of heavy equipment, such as the handling of foundations and also for the assembly of wind turbines on floating foundations.

The crane can be designed to up to 5,000t for different configurations, ideally for lifting heavy objects in the dry dock or marshalling jacket foundations. In addition, the Dual Main Hoist enables upending of monopiles or jackets without the need for additional hoisting equipment.

It can be relocated across the quayside in a practical and reliable manner, even fully loaded. Being electrically driven, the Skyhook is economical in power consumption and requires little maintenance.



The Skyhook can also ride on a track. This gives the crane an incredible reach. Extra Overturning Moment (Safe Working Load at radius) is achieved by a counterweight cradle. Concrete ballast blocks are placed inside the cradle and thus extend the lifting capacity to a larger radius.

The cradle can be lowered to the ground to fine tune the overturning moment that is required. A great feature for turbine rigs on (spar) floats, where a Safe Working Load is required for larger outreaches.

The worldwide ambitions for offshore wind energy involve complex logistics operations in the installation phase. Marshalling ports and large quaysides with weight-carrying capacity are critical to the assembly, storage and deployment of large wind turbines. This requires increasing lifting height and capacity. Huisman offers flexible solutions for any work site or environment.

The Skyhook is fully electrically driven. This offers advantages in terms of crane reliability and energy efficiency compared to more conventional electro-hydraulic cranes. In addition, environmental and operational risks of a hydraulic oil leak are eliminated.






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