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24 Aug 2021

The HS 870 Returns to Liebherr in Nenzing – Video

In 1979, it was a controversial topic at the ship crane manufacturer Liebherr in Nenzing – the first Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane. Yet it was to lay the foundation for the production of construction machinery at the site. After 40 years of service, the HS 870 has returned.

Manfred Brandl never thought that he would see this machine again one day. Yet the two are connected by a story that changed Liebherr. Why? Well, Liebherr-Werk Nenzing (Austria), where Manfred Brandl started as a production worker and left as managing director four decades later, very nearly developed completely differently and would almost certainly still be building ship cranes today: if it hadn’t been for this duty cycle crawler crane, which carried out lifting work in a gravel pit close to Bonn (Germany) day in, day out – rusty but steadfast, 40 years after it was built. It was discovered in 2014. The then sales manager for duty cycle and crawler cranes for Germany examined it himself and reported something unbelievable to his colleagues in Nenzing: he had the forefather of construction machine production in Nenzing in front of him – the prototype of the duty cycle crawler crane HS 870 with the serial number 181001. For Manfred Brandl, this reunion would become unforgettable.

The day he said his goodbyes after more than four decades with Liebherr, the retiring Managing Director Manfred Brandl was quite astonished when his staff presented him with his namesake Manfred #1. “The restoration of the HS 870 was finished at the same time as my retirement after 42 Liebherr years. As a farewell present, so to speak, my first name now adorns this amazing machine. I’m very thankful for this and it makes me proud to be part of this Liebherr history.”

The HS 870 is staying in Nenzing where guests and employees can visit and admire it. In future, the first Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane will also be presented during customer days and events. Only one question remains: what would the prototype, the machine that laid the foundation for the construction machine production in Nenzing, say to all of this? Manfred Brandl and Jürgen Grass agree: “If the HS870 could speak, it would probably say that it owes its existence to the proverbial “Liebherr spirit” and that it is pleased to return to Nenzing for its retirement after so many years.”



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The HS 870 and the HS 8300: The first and the largest of Liebherr’s duty cycle crawler cranes compared

The full report on the restoration of the HS 870 can be found on the Liebherr site on this link

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