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30 Oct 2023

The First of Three Exceptional Heavy Load Transports for Progress Power Station Completed by Allelys

Allelys have successfully completed the first delivery, a 327.5t generator, to Progress Power Station being built in Eye, Suffolk., Progress Power Station is an Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) power peaking plant, owned by Progress Power Limited (PPL), a subsidiary business of Drax Group. This generator delivery is part of a larger scope of work, which includes the transport of two further units, a 333t turbine and 227t transformer. Their scope of work included the installation of all three loads to their foundation, which will take place over the next few weeks.

The delivery is one of the key components which forms part of Progress Power station, which when operational, will have the capacity to generate enough instant electricity to power 150,000 households and will be used during periods of peak electricity demand, providing back-up to other sources of electricity, including weather-dependent wind turbines and solar farms.

Greek multinational industrial and energy company MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals has undertaken the development of the project, which includes three open-cycle gas turbine (OCGTs) power plant projects.



The generator, which measured 10.7m long, 3.5m wide and 3.75m high was received at the Port of Ipswich and offloaded from the vessel via a 1200t mobile crane. The heavy lift crane loaded the transformer onto a 28 axle girder frame trailer ready for transport, whilst the generator and transformer were stooled off in temporary storage at the port.

The route to the site required extensive planning and engineering works, with route surveys, swept path analysis and 3rd party structural analysis completed to identify a suitable route.

To overcome one particular structure along the route, Allelys designed an 8m long overbridging solution to spread the weight of the load and enable the transport arrangement to cross successfully. The whole route was completed under police escort, with traffic management and rolling roadblocks in place.

“This project has been a true team effort, with Allelys’ commercial, engineering, project management, routing and operational teams all working to deliver a successful outcome for our client,” commented Geoff Andrews, Project Manager at Allelys.



“With the units involved being described as the biggest abnormal loads to ever be transported within Suffolk, there has been a lot of attention associated with the project. We would like to thank local road users and residents for their understanding. It was great to see everyone working together on the day and all of the planning paying off.”

With the generator delivered successfully to site, Allelys will now complete the installation of the unit using a gantry and skidding system. The hydraulic gantry will lift the turbine from the transport equipment and skid it 36.5m into its final position. The team will then repeat the transport and installation stages for both the generator and transformer in the coming weeks.





Photography credit: SkyGlide




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