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15 Oct 2020

Tetrahedron B.V. Launch WTG Crane

With Wind Turbine Generators getting bigger and bigger, new challenges for the wind installation industry have emerged. Tetrahedron is founded on that principle, and is providing a solution to do exactly that with a novel crane type.

One of the challenges is to simply lift higher.

Rotterdam-based Tetrahedron company has patented, developed and achieved DNVGL design verification on their crane principle and concept design. The Tetrahedron crane is purposely engineered for efficient Wind Turbine Generator installation. Key attention is given to lifting height, capacity at height, lifting radius and jib-clearance.

Due to this, a compact Tetrahedron crane model can be used to install today’s largest turbines. This improvement is achieved by an efficient force flow through the “tetrahedron” (or simply said 3D-triangle) shape. In the figure below the installation of the Tower, Nacelle and Blade 1,2,3 of the GE Haliade X with a Tetrahedron 45 is shown. The jackup is illustrated here with 10m airgap and 10m hull-depth. The turbine dimensions and operational procedure are exactly based on GE’s “Requirements for Installation” documentation.


Source Tetrahedron

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