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31 Oct 2018

VIDEO: Terex RT 90 crane does the job

Date 31 October 2018

For two and a half years now, the French branch of the Italian crane service provider Vernazza Autogru has been working on the construction site of the international research project for the generation of electricity from fusion energy, ITER. The Terex RT 90 rough terrain crane was chosen as part of the working equipment and has been in service ther for months. 

The high reliability of the Terex RT 90 was one of the main reasons for using this crane in Cadarache. “In addition, the RT 90 with its width of only three meters is the most compact crane of this type on the market, This, too, made it our first choice for this construction site. It also has the intuitive IC-1 control system, which ensures precise crane movements, and has an innovative diagnostic function,” states Paolo Delfino, General Manager France fro Vernazza Autogru, as further reasons for using this crane. 

The setup of the crane was without parallel; in just 20 minutes, two Vernazza employees made the RT 90 ready for operation with the maximum boom length of 47m and fully extended outriggers. 

Continues operation without downtime

The Terex crane has now been in continues operation on the construction site for the last 8 months. “During the entire period of operation we have not had a single defect and therefore no downtime. The RT 90 has thus also proven to be an extremely robust and reliable tool on this construction site”, says Daniele Fanello, Site Manager for Vernazza Autogru. Especially somce the RT 90 is required to lift loads weighing up to 60 t at radii of 12 to 35m. During the course of the project, the RT 90 had proved itself as being a precise crane thhat is sensitive in operation and can safely handle all lifts – regardless of whether the loads were attached directley to the hook or to spreaders. 

“Fantastic crane for intensive use on construction sites”

“The RT 90 is a fantastics crane for intensive use on construction sites. It is characterized by high quality and reliability”, says Daniele Fanello. Paolo Delfino adds: “With the RT 90 we are proving that Vernazza Autogru can meet the highest standards of safety and precision.”

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