TenneT Transformers for Hollandse Kust (noord) OWF Lifted into Substation Topside at ENGIE Solutions – Heavy Lift News
25 Jun 2021

TenneT Transformers for Hollandse Kust (noord) OWF Lifted into Substation Topside at ENGIE Solutions

With the two transformers (400MVA/230kV) the ‘heart of the installation’ was lifted into the topside of the future offshore substation Hollandse Kust (noord) on Saturday, 19 June. Via the open roof of hall at the ENGIE Solutions yard in Hoboken, both transformers weighing over 300 tonnes were successfully installed in the housing.

Last Saturday was certainly exciting. Given the dimensions of the transformers:

  • Length 9m
  • Width 5.5m
  • Height 7m,

the open roof provided just enough space for hoisting them in. Fortunately, there was hardly any wind, which kept the risk of ‘swinging’ and thus damaging the transformers and the platform under construction to a minimum. With the help of a large crane at the yard, both transformers were successfully put in place with precision.

“It was definitely a special job,” says Matthijs Knollenburg on behalf of TenneT. “The necessary calculations were made in advance. After placing the transformers, they were installed and tested again by the Royal Smit team. Now that the heart of the platform is safely in place, the ENGIE Solutions/Smulders combination of contractors can proceed with the assembly of the last deck sections of the platform.”

TenneT commissioned the transformers to be specially built for use on offshore platforms. This has resulted in an extremely compact design in accordance with the most stringent offshore requirements. At sea, these transformers in the platform will increase the voltage of the electricity supplied by the wind turbines from 66 kilovolts to 220 kilovolts.

The jacket for the Hollandse Kust (noord) substation is currently being built in Vlissingen and will be installed 18 kilometres off the coast of Egmond this autumn. Next year in the summer, the topside will be installed. The substation should be fully operational in 2023.

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