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22 Aug 2018

Ten Liebherr cranes in Stockholm

Date 22 August 2018 

Ten Liebherr tower cranes from BinSell’s fleet have been hoisted in Stockholm for two adjoining inner-city projects.  

Swedish crane rental company BinSell has supplied six Liebherr tower cranes for the ‘Urban Escape’ project and four for the ‘Sergelstade’ development. The inner-city location, together with the existing infrastructure, made the erection of these cranes challenging.  

“Major parts of this area of Stockholm the streets are built like bridges. As the cranes are placed in the street, and custom-made portals where made so that the forces from the cranes could be taken in the pillars of the bridges. Only on one of the cranes could we use a standard portal from Liebherr. Due to the clients’ demand it was not possible to put the cranes inside the buildings,” said Daniele Solito, COO Binsell.

The Urban Escape project includes the construction of five buildings, four streets, two squares and a shopping centre. Most of the space will be for commercial and retails use, but there is also residential space created. For the construction of this project, Binsell has provided six Liebherr high-top tower cranes – three 630 EC-H20 Litronic, two 550 EC-H20 Litronic and a 280 EC-H12 Litronic. The cranes were erected on custom made portals made of concrete, narrower than the standard 10x10m base of the crane.

Crossing Hamngatan, you can see the four Liebherr tower cranes used for the Sergelstaden project, which involves the creation of office and retail spaces. Two Liebherr 280 EC-H12 Litronic are used there – one on a 10m 550 base and custom made portal and one on 550 mast and a climbable adapter. At the site there are also two 280 EC-B flat tops, one on 10m 550 base and custom-made portal and the other one on a 6m base and a Liebherr standard portal.


Source Cranes Today Magazine

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