Tata Steel Blast Furnace Lifts By Sarens in India – Heavy Lift News
2 Dec 2022

Tata Steel Blast Furnace Lifts By Sarens in India

Working on the biggest and boldest projects in the world is Saren’s strength, which is why they were proud to help Tata Steel Limited construct the largest blast furnace in India.

As part of this operation, Sarens deployed their 1,250t capacity crawler lattice boom crane and lifting tackles to lift two blast furnaces and one 512t tower module. Sarens also provided heavy lift planning and supervision throughout the operation. To date, this has been the heaviest single lift ever performed at the Tata Steel plant, which is currently under construction in Kalinganagar, Odisha, an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal.

The powerful Demag CC8800 crawler crane lifted the heaviest component, a 512t tower module, at a working radius of 32m while maintaining a minimum 29m elevation. To execute the lift successfully, Sarens marked the module and shell assembly area near the crane and carefully planned for the sequence of lifts, rigging the crane in SSL configuration with a 102m main lattice boom.

The crawler crane travelled approximately 2,000km to the worksite, with a total of 98 trailers undertaking a journey that spanned thirty days. Once at the work site, the crane was ready within 15 days and has remained there for the past 36 months. Six crew members were responsible for the success of the on-site lifting operation , says Samrat Bhatnagar , Sarens Depot Head.

“Sarens brings its global expertise and localised solutions to serve the steel sector in India,” says Arun Savanur, Sarens Regional Director for South Asia. “I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the successful delivery of the crane and ongoing heavy lifts. I would also like to thank the client for their collaboration. We are looking forward to some interesting and challenging heavy lift projects in South Asia in the near future.”

Sarens also won the best business partner award for supporting innovation during the construction phase of the blast furnace project at Tata Steel’s Vendor’s Conclave 2022.


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