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10 Feb 2022

Tadano Delivers Last ATF 100G-4 to Heinrichs GmbH

Proven technology and an impeccable reputation – that’s what set the Tadano all terrain cranes apart. It’s also exactly what convinced Thomas Heinrichs, owner of Heinrichs GmbH & Co KG, to decide in favour of this flexible 100t crane, which will be used primarily as a taxi crane in East Westphalia.

Thomas Heinrichs is particularly pleased that he has secured the last new ATF 100G-4 crane in Europe: “The 100G-4 has a legendary reputation. I am also a fan of the new Tadano models with all the cutting-edge features – in fact, I recently bought two of the latest generation cranes myself. But the 100G-4 is almost unbelievably reliable, so it goes without saying that I wanted to get hold of one of these cranes while I still could – even if it now means the end of an era.”

From 40t to 220t, the crane service provider Heinrichs from Lichtenau, near Paderborn, has almost every crane model from Tadano in its fleet. The latest addition of the ATF 100G-4 now closes one of the last gaps in its portfolio. Going forward, it will be used as a taxi crane by the crane specialist from East Westphalia. “The ATF 100G-4 will allow us to be even more flexible when it comes to accepting orders. It’s compact and powerful, so it really is the perfect taxi crane,” says company owner Thomas Heinrichs, reeling off the advantages of the crane.

Heinrichs can call on 12 counterweight variants for the ATF 100G-4, which allows it to respond appropriately to the specific needs of each assignment. For example, the 4-axle crane can carry a 7.6t counterweight without boom extension or a 6t counterweight with an 18m double-folding jib. With the help of this boom extension, the 100t crane has a maximum roller height of 72.5m and a maximum possible outreach of 58m. Optimal conditions for the rapid operations that Thomas Heinrichs is planning with the ATF 100G-4: “We want to use the crane primarily for moving machinery, as an auxiliary crane or in prefabricated construction. On the latter construction sites, the second boom extension with integrated winch is particularly helpful, because it allows us to lift the concrete parts with just a single machine and turn them however we like. And thanks to the crane’s outstanding reach, this is possible even for larger structures. This makes it even easier for us to plan assignments and meet our customers’ needs.”

The 100-tonner does not need much space to unleash its full potential. The 4-axle crane only measures around 13m long and 2.75m wide. And thanks to the asymmetric outrigger base control, the outrigger beams can each be extended individually, which allows the crane to adapt to the crane site. At the same time, the control also ensures that the maximum possible lifting capacity is available depending on the position of the supports and the superstructure.

But Tadano cranes not only win people over with their robust technology, as Thomas Heinrichs confirms that emotional factors also play a major role when choosing a Tadano machine: “We have been relying on Tadano for a very long time now, and have a total of seven cranes from Lauf in operation. I like the family atmosphere. The support is very personal, it’s like we’re all on the same wavelength. And of course the service is second to none. We know we can always count on competent help when we need it. But fortunately, that is rare with Tadano machines.”

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