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13 Jan 2022

Tadano AC 4.110-1 Deliverd to Mitterhauser in Austria

Never change a winning team. That’s certainly the motto of Austrian crane service provider, Kran Mitterhauser GmbH. The company has been counting on Tadano cranes for almost 30 years now and has worked with every model released by the manufacturer in this time. So when the time came for the regular customer to add to its fleet once again, it was the turn of the Tadano AC 4.110-1 all-rounder.

Kran Mitterhauser GmbH employs a team of 70 staff at its site in Zell an der Pram, Austria, and offers crane services of all kinds: from prefabricated construction and lifting industrial units through to salvaging work and tree pruning. With such a diverse range of services on offer, the company has to be able to rely on machines that are capable of handling these flexible requirements. Its fleet comprises a total of 27 mobile cranes, two thirds of which come from Tadano, and there are several reasons for this, as Managing Director Helmut Mitterhauser explains: “We have just had so many positive experiences in the many years that we have been counting on Tadano: the robust and economical machines are real workhorses, the service is always good, and our crane drivers enjoy how intuitive the cranes are to operate.”

In its quest to add another flexible all-rounder to its ranks, Mitterhauser decided to purchase a new AC 4.110-1. Another factor in favour of choosing this model came down to experience: “We have already worked with the previous 90-tonne model in our fleet and our drivers never had any problems with it, so we know the 100-tonner will be no different,” Helmut Mitterhauser explains confidently.

In October 2021 Demag, Mantis and Tadano cranes joined forces under a unified brand –  the Tadano brand.

With the unification Tadano introduced a new naming formula. The machine in this article was previously known as the ATF-100-4.1

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