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1 Apr 2019

‘Stone Age’ Car lifted Out of Museum in Cologne

The car sculpture “Steinerne Zeit” (“Stone Age”) from artist HA Schult is leaving the Museum für Aktionskunst in Cologne and moving to its new home.

At just one look at the “Steinerne Zeit” (“Stone Age”) exhibit from artist HA Schult, cartoon icon “Fred Flintstone” probably would have elicited a loud “Yabba Dabba Doo!” But no, the Ford Fiesta with stone-pattern cladding is not a reproduction of Fred’s vehicle from the popular TV cartoon series from the 1970s and 1980s. The occasion for this unusual move was the clearance of artist Schult’s private museum in Marzellenstrasse, which is leaving the city after 25 years.

The deployment was quite a challenge indeed. First, the art exhibit had to be removed by experts from its concrete base, in order to then be manoeuvred through the loft window of the former exhibition gallery in the fourth floor onto a platform suspended by a crane. Afterwards, the exhibit hung for a few minutes over the rooftops of Cologne, before being carefully lowered down onto the awaiting transport vehicle.

Currently, the “stone-age relic of the Ford plant” is being temporarily stored and preserved in Dellbrück. According to the plans of the new owner, the exhibit is expected to be moved within the year to its new location near Cologne’s Breslauer Platz.

The successor art gallery is showing impressions of the deployment.

Source Wasel GmbH – M.N.



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