Spedition Gutmann GmbH & Co. KG Selects FlexMAX From Faymonville – Heavy Lift News
31 May 2024

Spedition Gutmann GmbH & Co. KG Selects FlexMAX From Faymonville

When constructing new wind turbines, the transport tasks involved are extremely demanding.

In order to reach the wind farms with long, heavy and voluminous tower segments, which are often located in difficult terrain, trailing combinations with tower adapters are the ideal technology.

The Spedition Gutmann GmbH & Co. KG has been strengthened with a trio of these impressive vehicles. The experts are particularly impressed by the reduced dead weight for correspondingly more payload as well as the remarkable steering behaviour of the FlexMAX. Even in winding motorway interfaces and tricky access passages, the combination follows as if pulled on a string.

The two installed tower adapters enable a connection to the tower segments in 3-point or 4-point mounting. The components are designed for flange inner diameters of 2,650mm to 5,400mm. The steering system has four steering cylinders for the front steering and four for the rear steering. Hydraulic and mechanical safety systems as well as hydraulic support ensure maximum operational safety.

Faymonville wish the Gutmann team continued enjoyment of these new vehicles and we are already looking forward to the operational film that will follow shortly.







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