Spartacus Takes Next Step in Preparation for Teeth Implant – Heavy Lift News
31 May 2019

Spartacus Takes Next Step in Preparation for Teeth Implant

IHC took the next step this week in preparation for having the cutter head fitted to the most powerful Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) in the world, DEME’s Spartacus. Before the head can be fitted the 2,450t cutter ladder would have to be fitted.

The DEME vessel had been built and launched from the IHC yard in Krimpen aan den IJssel near Rotterdam and recently moved from there to the Heerema berth on the Calendkanaal. Here the Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) vessel Aegir was waithing to lift the 2,450t piece into place in the bow of the vessel. The heavy lift revolving mast type crane on the Aegir has a boom length of 125m, a revolving lift capacity of 4,000t between 17m and 40m radius and a lift height of 96m above the vessel’s main deck.

The vessel will be delivered to DEME this summer.

These photographs, courtesy of Richard Krabbendam, Heerema and IHC show how the cutter ladder was lifted over the Spartacus wheel house/control room and into the split bow.

Featured Title photograph: The cutter ladder suspended from the Aegir’s crane




And finally in place.




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